Happy Ganesh Chaturthi 2018 / Ganesh Visarjan 2018 / Best Ganesh photos

ganesh chaturthi 2018,ganesh chaturthi
ganesh chaturthi 2018,ganesh chaturthi

Hello Everyone Today I will show with you latest exciting facts on the “Happy Ganesh Chaturthi 2018″ / Ganesh Visarjan 2018” / “Best Ganesh photos 2018”

The “Happy Ganesh Chaturthi 2018” is a festival of  Hinduism in India. this festival celebrates is one and a half month in India. This festival is also celebrated in overall whole place. Lord Ganesha is the most intelligent. And this God loves most of the modak. This is known by many names like Ekdanta, Vakratundda, Sukhkarta, Ashtavinayaka, Ballaleshwar, Vighnaharta etc.

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‘happy Ganesh Chaturthi quotes 2018’:

If there is any program, the house is worshipped first, then they worship God Ganesh first. The pen is famous for the idol of Ganapati. Ganapati ‘s idols are made in the city of Pen. So, this city is famous in the world. Here you can get big-big paintings. And they are made of attractive designs with different style like bahubali, Chota Bhim etc. You will find it here in different Style with Diamond design are available only on pen cities. And Mostly This many Countries Export of the Lord of Ganesh idol. (The Fest99 Does Not promote only Information purpose)


Why do we celebrate Ganesh festival 2018?

This festival starts on the day of Ganesh Chaturthi. And this festival is celebrated every year. Mumbai is much more famous in India to celebrate Ganapati festival. The city of Dadar is Lalbagcha Raja(Also God of Ganesh name), the famous place in Mumbai.H ere, the number of lakhs of people go to the ground. The idol of Goddess Lalbagcha Raja is very big.

The “happy ganesh 2018” festival celebrates the worship of Lord Ganesha by keeping idols in every house. And also the festival 5 days, 10Days, 12 days , 21days are the  Celebrate.


happy ganesh chaturthi quotes 2018 in fest99

bring the idol of Lord ‘Ganesha’ home and give them flowers, ‘Modak’, coconut, Clothes, Etc.  That is the aarti in the morning. Therefore do the aarti in the evening. There are 5 days, 10Days, 12 days, 21days are the  Celebrate for people who are fed food and eat . On the day,In this day people will Forget angry together and come together with great enthusiasm, dances and dances play with ‘DJs’ . After the aarti, the idol of God is immersed in water(In Marathi names ‘Ganesh visarjan 2018’).


After this, “Sakhar Chauthicha”(Marathi Names) is placed in Maharashtra and other states. This “happy Ganapati” is specially set up in Maharashtra. But it is set up for the whole of the Village, which is celebrated for one and a half days and five days, on the whole day there is a meal, and on the next day the traditional practice of Dancing on drum-tasha performances in the dances and Finally After the aarti, the idol of God is immersed in water (In Marathi names ‘Ganesh visarjan 2018’) .

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