Happy Rath Yatra 2018 / Jagannath Rath Yatra 2018,Quotes, Wishes, SMS

jagannath images,lord of jagannath 2018 in fest99
jagannath images,lord of jagannath 2018 in fest99

Hello Everyone Today I will show with you latest exciting facts on the “Happy Rath Yatra 2018″ / “Jagannath Rath Yatra 2018”,Quotes, Wishes, SMS.

”First, wish you ‘happy rath yatra 2018’ from ‘fest99’. This Festival is the every year are celebrated in india.

When Is ‘jagannath rath yatra 2018 dates’ In India. And This Yatra is best time to visit jagannath puri .

      “14 July 2018” at Saturday.


Why is Celebration of  ‘Rath Yatra Quotes 2018 In English’ ?

The festival of “Jagannath Rath Yatra 2018” are the Every year the Lord of ‘shri Jagannath at puri’ with his siblings take a cooling bath of  108 pots of water when they were unable to bear the heat inside the temple. This happens on Snana Purnima. Because of bathe, they fall ill every year and are kept in a recovery chamber called anasar ghar. Here Vaids (doctors) and the priests look after them and they are fed herbal medicines and khichdi which good when you are sick. When they recover they wish to eat the food cooked by their aunt Gundicha, whose house is a little away from his temple. So sri “happy rath yatra 2018”, with his siblings, steps on his grand chariot and makes his way there. This is the start of the famous nine-day ‘Jagannath Rath Yatra 2018’, visit their aunt and in this way.  It is also believed that deities come out of their abode to meet their devotees, even the ones that are not allowed inside.

 jagannath images
Jagannath Rath Yatra 2018

History  of  ‘Rath Yatra Temple’ | Rath Yatra essay, Quotes.

According to the  ‘Jagannath Rath Yatra 2018’ mythology,  Long ago, there was a Malva king named Indrayumna, son of ‘Bharat’ and ‘Sunanda’. He was a great devotee of Lord Vishnu. Once the king dreamt of  Nilamadhava, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He was eager to worship Nilamadhav, So he sent his representatives to search of Nilamadhav. After some days all the representatives were returned unsuccessfully except one brahmin Priest Vidyapati. He started searching everywhere in East of India. Finding such a way he reached to Odisha. There he comes to know about Savar King Viswavasu who has worshiped Nilamadhav hidingly. Then he planned to stay there for same days. Once again ‘happy rath yatra 2018″. Eventually, he married Lalita, the daughter of Savar King Viswavasu. Lalita had been told by her father not to tell anyone regarding Nilamadhava but she breaks the order &  told about the deity. After a repeated request of Vidyapati, Viswavasu agreed to show the deity to his son-in-law. He took him blindfolded to a cave where Nilamadhav was worshipped. To know the path, Vidyapati took some mustard seed in a cloth and make a hole in that cloth.  Seeds are falling down slowly from the cloth on the way. The seeds are grown in small plants after a few days, which guide him to find out the cave later on.  He informed King Indradyumna about Nilamadhav. Then the king proceeded immediately to see and worship the Deity.  In the meantime, when Visvavasu offers food the deity, suddenly the Lord spoke to him and said, “I have accepted simple forest Fruits, roots and flower offered by you for many days. This reason where celebration of  ‘Jagannath Rath Yatra 2018’

jagannath images,lord of jagannath 2018 in fest99
Lord of Jagannath 2018

Now, I desire the royal worship offered by King Indradyumna and other devotees. When The king reached there, he was disappointed by the sudden disappearance of the Deity. But once again “happy rath yatra 2018” after that then during sleep, the king had a vision of god Jagannath & also, ancestral voice directed him to receive the fragrant Daru-brahman. (Nilamadhav in a wooden form with marks of a conch, club, disc, and lotus on it). The King arranged best sculptors to make idols out of it. But they all are failed, then lord Vishwakarma himself appear as an old artist named Ananta Maharana. He has a condition that no one will open the door till 21 days. Then he started his work behind the closed doors. After 14 days passed, the queen could not hear any sounds from inside. On request of the queen, The king opened the door of the temple by force. Again Lord Jagannath appeared to him in a dream and instructed him to install the Murtis of Lord of sri Jagannath, Balabhadra, Subhadra and Chakra Sudarshan as it is in the temple, as Daru-brahman.


How to reach at  Mumbai / Delhi to ‘happy Rath Yatra 2018 Puri’ :

First, take a ticket  CSTM (Mumbai Airport) to  Bhubaneswar Airport. Same as First take a ticket  Delhi Airport to  Bhubaneswar Airport.after that the Puri is 60 km away from Bhubaneswar Airport, Odisha. So for Flight travellers, you can book ticket to Biju Patnaik International Airport and book cab or taxi (Ola Outstation) or reach nearby bus stop from where you can find both AC and NON-AC bus regularly.

If you are travelling by train or Bus, Temple is just 2 km from Puri Railway station and 2.5 km from the bus stand. You can travel by walk or be using battery auto or rickshaw. Don’t go by auto as it will drop your 1 km away from the temple.

Jagannath Rath Yatra Status: Every year we share happy rath yatra wallpapers and  Jagannath images in India , with our friends, relatives and loved ones. Also, we apply them on the screens of our gadgets. Send the Festival images, SMS on fest99 and Lord of Jagannath greetings cards our love, respect, wishes and faith in happy rath yatra 2018 on your mobile phones.

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